Drunk Cupid by Skye Turner is #NOWLIVE just in time for Valentines Day!

Happy release day Skye Turner!!!

💘🥃🥴 Drunk Cupid 💘🥃🥴

“Drunk Cupid was hot as hell and it would definitely change Valentine’s Day forever for me. I will gladly take Candi’s place. Lol. Skye rocked this book!”

“So. Dang. Good!”

“I freaking loved Drunk Cupid!”

“Drunk Cupid is a well written bodice ripper come to life in a short read!”

“So sexy! So funny! I need more!”

Valentine’s Day… screw that. After being dumped, yet again, by another gold-digging hussy, Charlie has no plans except doing one favor for his best friend before getting wasted and forgetting all about this “day of love” bullsh*t.

Candi is sick of the dating game and men just wanting to get into her pants. She’s also over everything Valentine’s Day… until she tags along with her cousin to her boyfriend’s house and see’s the passed-out hottie on the couch.

Can Cupid’s arrow bust through the haze of cinnamon whiskey and find its mark?

On sale NOW and only .99!

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*Drunk Cupid is the first book in a BRAND NEW Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story Series . All books are between 8K-10K words.

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